New Year Tax Notes

Hope all your Holidays were Wonderful!

If you are lucky to be working for someone else you are starting to get your W-2’s and 1099s from employers AND if you are lucky to be working for yourself then you’ve been creating these doc’s – Plus you might also be collecting doc’s from goverment agencies and soon will be able to download or receive all financial and educational institutions’ documents:
DO you have your file folder ready yet? It’s so simple: Pick one Easy place to put it where you sort your mail! That’s it for now….
Unless you also want to :
* Call me and Make an appointment (but I will be out of office Jan 25-30)
* Sort your business expense records: total internet, cable, music lessons, business expenses and/or travel, studio expenses, mileages, etc.
* Contact credit card co’s and request annual summaries.
* Read last years tax return to remind you of what expenses and income doc’s you are looking for!
* Place a date in your calendar to spend that small chunk of time to start organizing your 2014 info.
* Be creative- search for new ways to save your money and add a gift to yourself of an IRA in the next 4 months!
* Check out these links on the left for more info and ideas!

Good luck – I look forward to talking to you.