The Right Balance For You Financial Peace of Mind Achieving Balance in Business

The Right Balance For You

Financial Peace of Mind

Achieving Balance in Business


Welcome to My Website   First, Let’s Take a Deep Breath and Relax –              Now let’s Talk Taxes.

This website is designed to assist you with knowing what I need in order to get Your Best unique tax return possible.  It all comes down to knowing What you need and How to get your things together!  Nothing extra but Everything necessary.  This helps you save time plus you’ll pay your Lowest Legal Tax!

This site’s many Tabs will help you do that.  Plus I have a new web portal linked to my OLT software.  And one here in this site too, It’s Easy either way.  Please enter your info below to send me a link or just give me a call when you are ready & have a few minutes and we’ll set it up & I’ll send you a link – you confirm the info and pick a password and that’s it!

You can access your app anytime from any cell or computer.  I  prefer for you to be able to SIGN all your authorization Documents, review your return before we e-file as well as still drag /drop your doc’s into a secure portal; if you wish to do everything electronically and not come to my home office.  Of course, if you have a portal in here already – you can do all that except sign – unless you have Adobe.

This Website will give you ideas about how to figure your Biz miles, keep track of expenses (no entertainment!) tax news and new & old rules, etc.  We are making this year’s filing easier, whether in person or via the portal.  I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible since we’re back to the regular deadlines.   Always Pay taxes by 4/15, even with an extension.

My business goals – even though I just passed the Enrolled Agent Exam! (Hurray!!) are Still to not only save our time and your money but create a stress-free experience for both of us! Let’s do it.
Let’s make taxes less taxing!
Love to all, Bernice