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Welcome to my website and PLEASE use our new Secure Client Portal for ALL Tax-related business communications.

We are making this year’s filing easier, whether you come to my home office or send me all your tax records via this website.  I am looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible, however, so please call or email and ask for a date and time earlier than you think possible!

My business goals include not only saving your time and money but creating a stress-free experience for both of us!  Let’s do this by following a few simple steps:

  1. Put ALL tax-related documents from 2019 in one unique place – NOW.
  2. Call 626 798-7948 or click on the email above for an appointment ASAP.  If you leave your name, number, the date and time you prefer; I’ll call you back.
  3. Order credit card year-end summaries – they categorize for you!  Then add checkbook, PayPal, etc. expenses too.   Remember, some banks and organizations expect you to print your own tax documents.
  4. If you want an organizer – take your pick from the top 3 items in the FORMS tab above.  Simple to very complex – Unless you are a NEW client – no need to fill in all the same data at the top.
  5. Take a big breath and relax.   Then, sooner rather than later, make that 1 – 3 hours of focused work happen!  You all know what I’m talking about!  That’s the time it usually takes to total your expenses by category & calculate business mileages.
  6. Please bring ALL your tax documents in one package to your appointment and if you get anything later, CALL me asap.
  7. PLEASE Don’t put this off…. because …once you’ve done this…  You’re DONE!

You’ll have the rest of the year for fun!  NO taxing situation still waiting for you in the wings.   Try not to file an extension this year!     Get that refund EARLY!

The website is being improved continually so feel free to make suggestions!  We want this to be as simple and easy as possible.  Have 1099 Misc. income?  Check out the RESOURCE tab above and under IRS Forms enter Schedule C; you will see how their categories line up.

Feel free to use the new secure portal for sending me your info.  It is self-explanatory and I am looking forward to using it too.

Let’s make taxes less taxing!                                Love to all, Bernice