NEW Clients

For those of you who don’t know me:

I am Bernice E. Brightbill, a Enrolled Agent, and able to assist you in all areas of income tax e-filing. This website and secure web-portal will allow you to send me your information electronically.   However, I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing all my returning clients!

My interest and experience in stage performances, traveling, investments, real estate, sports and retirement options give me a strong reference for a broad client base.  Due to my varied singing career, which includes being a singer with Los Angeles Opera Co. (aka Adrien Raynier, mezzo- soprano) for 33 years; I have specialized in the entertainment industry.  It’s amazing all the related professions that includes: from make-up artists and costumers to actors, composers, conductors, dancers and construction crews.   But that’s not all!

Those of you with multiple sources of income: Congratulations! Misc. 1099 income, which require filing the Schedule C form allows for the most business deductions possible.  Check the form for suggested expenses to give you an idea of how to categorize your business expenses.   When you’ve kept good records, you end up a richer, happier taxpayer!

Royalties, Real Estate and rental income are also part of my tax business along with Corporate, Business, Estate and Trust tax returns.  And all 50 states!

Many folks believed that tax preparation was a nightmare they had to live through each year!  But now, with my professional help, experience, and patience; they have become calm, organized and efficient. By saving not just more but the correct expense records, they usually save money on their taxes and best of all – no more sleepless nights!

My Tax Preparation knowledge and training is constantly expanding – just like my tax business!   Feel free to contact me for an appointment by email or conversation at 626 798-7948.  It is always best to leave me a message if I cannot answer when you call.

I will call you back!   Thanks so much for taking the time to read my website profile.
Sincerely wanting to make our taxes less taxing!
Bernice E Brightbill